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Hallie Hope, 11/3/2016

Hallie Hope, 11/3/2016

We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization founded in memory of our daughter Hallie Hope. Our mission everyday is to spread warmth and hope to those fighting cancer, one pair of socks at a time.

Has someone close to you recently been diagnosed with cancer? Do you have a friend or loved one that has been fighting for years? Are you looking for a way to help but don’t know what to do?! Send them a Hallie’s Hope care package, free of charge, today!

The reality of fighting cancer is harsh. Days are long, hospitals are cold, side effects are ruthless. Hope is often hard to come by. Each care package is sent in our signature orange & teal packaging and includes a few pairs of fun socks for your warrior to wear to keep warm on their treatment days. Each package also includes a handwritten note of encouragement.

Our entire desire for each care package we send is that anytime those socks are worn, the recipient is reminded that there is hope, Hallie’s Hope, in knowing you are never alone in the fight for your life!



care packages sent in 2018



care packages sent so far this year



pairs of socks we’ve dropped off at hospitals and cancer centers for patients to grab on treatment days this year.


Why Socks?!

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I wore these socks that morning and when my nurse and my mom saw them, they couldn’t stop giving me a hard time for a fashion choice like that, in a hospital! it grew to be quite a joke and my mom posted it on our blog as she updated our team on my surgery. i vowed that day never to wear mismatching socks again!

once i started chemo, i realized just how long the days were and how cold the hospital was. i wore a fun pair of socks that my mom had gotten me on my first day of chemo and it dawned on me- everyone in that chair needs warm socks, and everyone should also have fun socks too! it was there that the idea was born!

Many thanks for the socks. My treatment is going well & I’m going to beat this cancer.

-A Hallie’s Hope Recipient


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How YOU Can Help!


donate socks or host a sock drive

We rely 100% on sock donations for our care packages. Learn more today!

Volunteer opportunities

There are a few different ways to get involved today, check out those opportunities.

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All donations are tax deductible and are used 100% to further our mission of HallieStrong!


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