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We are a 501 (c)3 non profit organization founded in memory of our daughter, Hallie Hope. we have one goal: to spread hope to the cancer community, one pair of fun socks at a time.

Our Hallie’s Hope program sends personalized care packages of warm & fun socks to anyone undergoing any type of cancer treatment today. Care packages are free to send and anyone is able to nominate a loved one/friend! A great way to remind your warrior they are never fighting alone.

Our Hallie Helpers program is a nationwide effort to bring a little joy to patients on treatment days. Hallie Helpers pick a hospital or cancer center near them, we send socks, and they drop them off for patients to grab while in treatment. A wonderful tag team opportunity to spread Hallie’s Hope! Interested in becoming a Hallie Helper? Apply today!



care packages sent in 2018

Across 21 states!



care packages sent so far this year

Across 14 states!



pairs of socks we’ve dropped off at hospitals and cancer centers for patients to grab on treatment days this year.

Hospitals, after all, are never warm!


Many thanks for the socks. My treatment is going well & I’m going to beat this cancer.

-A Hallie’s Hope Recipient


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Send a care package, free of charge to anyone undergoing any type of cancer treatment.

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