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Bethany was having her port surgically inserted before starting treatment when her nurse realized she was wearing two different socks. He hilariously shamed her for it and her Mom was quick to capture it for all to see. That picture above was shared on Bethany & Kevin’s personal blog and almost immediately, she received a few care packages of fun socks from people following their fight. She got socks that were warm and fuzzy, brightly colored, some that had hilarious sayings, even a few that perfectly articulated how we all feel about cancer. Receiving packages in the mail always immediately lifted Bethany’s spirits and those socks specifically served a legit purpose on treatment days because it is never warm in a hospital!

It was during those long days of treatment that Kevin & Bethany dreamed about starting a Foundation one day in Hallie’s memory. Realizing how needed those socks were, coupled with how uplifting receiving a surprise package was, the idea for #hallieshope was born.

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Do you know someone undergoing cancer treatment right now?