Sock Drives & Fundraising


We rely solely on donations to spread Hallie’s Hope. Sockraising & fundraising are two of the most impactful ways to help out. If you’re interested in either (or both), please fill out the form today!

Pictured: 500+ pairs from a work drive

Pictured: 500+ pairs from a work drive

>Host A Sock Drive!

Whether you set a goal as one big team, break out into competing teams, set up a one-for-one match, there are all sorts of ways to run a sock drive! We will partner with you to create the best sock drive, from start to finish, for your group, whether that’s through your school, work, your church, business, a sports team, etc. Easily the most fun way to have a large impact on Hallie’s Hope!

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>Host A Fundraiser

Whether it’s organizing $5 for a casual day at work, setting aside a dollar amount per purchase from your business, a good ole fashion social media fundraiser or a corporate company match, we’d love to partner with you to raise money for the Foundation. Every dollar we raise goes directly towards furthering our mission.

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