Our Story

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hardesty Photography

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hardesty Photography


In 2016, We were 16 weeks pregnant with our first child, our daughter Hallie Hope, when I was diagnosed with an incredibly rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer - small cell neuroendocrine. It took just a few seconds for our world to collapse entirely around us. We lost our Hallie at 19 weeks. Her footprints were so tiny, but her mark on us so big. She changed us forever in the short time we had as her parents here on earth. Esther 4:14 reads, “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” There is no earthly understanding for the loss of our daughter, especially in the context of our story but because Hallie saved my life, we will spend the rest of our life honoring her. This is the blog post we wrote when we introduced her to the world. She is our source of strength through it all, especially in the moments where we can find a laugh amidst these devastating circumstances, because we know those moments are from our girl. She is our kid after all. We will hold Hallie again one day, we are sure of that! In the meantime, we love those bright orange sunsets that have her written all over them.

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I endured surgery, five rounds of chemo & 28 rounds of internal/external radiation simultaneously in the fight for my life. By God’s grace alone, I am here today, still cancer free. These days we live in the Chicagoloand area and are currently going through the adoption process. We can’t wait to make Hallie a big sister! We are also dog collectors, Paisley, Toews & Bear are our troublemakers!

We knew we’d want to honor our Hallie in a big way and the dreams for a foundation someday started while I was in the chemo chair. After I was so lovingly shamed for my mismatching socks when I was getting my port put in, (read that story here), we knew just how we wanted to impact the cancer community. Cancer is an incredibly isolating disease & an incredibly scary disease, any source of warmth and a smile are always needed, even if it’s through a simple pair of socks. We hope that in every care package we send, the recipient feels the same source of hope that Hallie gave us during our fight.

Thanks for helping us to honor our daughter!

Forever #HallieStrong, Bethany & Kevin