New This, New That, New Everything!

It’s an exciting day at the Foundation as we announce a lot of ‘new!’ It’s as if we got our official 501(c)3 status recently or something. In all seriousness, everything we’re launching today is a result of a lot of dreaming, a lot of scheming and it is all just the beginning.

So what is it that we’re launching today?

  • A new website

  • A new member of Team Hallie

  • A new program to volunteer for to help us spread Hallie’s Hope as far and as wide as we can

  • Fundraising & Sockraising Opportunities

  • A new way to keep in touch

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Here is everything you need to know about each!

New website! Same web address, whole new design.


New member of Team Hallie! Meet Noelle - wife, mama, boss lady, incredible friend, and self proclaimed Secretary of Socks & Delivery (married to the Secretary to the Secretary of Socks & Delivery). Real title to come but can’t let the new program news steal her introduction thunder here. Noelle and hubby David have walked this crazy road of cancer with us since day one and have been instrumental in getting us through, keeping us laughing & keeping Hallie’s memory alive. A recent trip to Arizona, a Rosati’s pizza and a glass (or two) of wine sparked the idea for what Noelle has helped us launch. Noelle’s support (and David & Reagan’s!) of everything we’ve done so far has meant so much to us and we are so excited to officially welcome her to Team Hallie.


New Program! Introducing Hallie Helpers! This program was born of two opportunities - one, we want to connect with as many cancer patients as we possibly can, in as many ways as we can. This is a great avenue to connect on the day of treatment in a pick-me-up sort of fashion, but also out of a necessity. No one tells you how much you need a warm pair of socks on treatment days because hospitals are never warm and your shoes are always the first to go when you hit that chemo chair. Two, we know there are so many people who want to help us further Hallie’s legacy & we want all the help we can get! Becoming a Hallie Helper means wherever you are, establishing a relationship with a hospital/cancer center in your area & donating Hallie’s Hope socks that we send to you. Whether you’d like to do a one time drop off or establish a cadence right for you, we would love for you to be a Hallie Helper! Noelle launched this program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital & the emotions of the day says everything about the hope that is needed on every oncology floor across America. What better way to do that than in Hallie’s memory. You’ll be hearing more about Noelle’s launch soon and if you’re interested in becoming a Hallie Helper, visit our website: to fill out the form.

New way to keep in touch! We are launching a monthly newsletter! This is a great way to stay connected with all we’re doing and ways to get involved. We will be sharing stories of our volunteers, our impact & new ways to help. We also look forward to using this as a platform to spread cancer awareness & tackling topics from every angle - whether you’re a patient, survivor, caregiver, best friend, relative, etc. To sign up, go to & enter your email address at the bottom of home page.

New volunteer opportunities! In addition to being a Hallie Helper, we are also launching efforts to both fundraise & sockraise (new catchphrase!). We’ve already had a whole variety of sockraising efforts that have been really cool and unique and we’re excited to partner with you on these very important parts that will allow us to grow the Foundation’s impact. There is no fund/sockraising idea too big or too small to make an impact and we are ready to partner with you to make it a wonderful experience! If you’re interested in this (which we’re hoping for a lot of!), visit to fill out the form.

It’s an exciting day for all of us on Team Hallie & for me and Kevin especially. All of these efforts are the foundation for our big plan of making Hallie proud in the biggest way possible. Sincere gratitude for all of you for helping that dream to become a reality! This makes us one step closer to our gala and that sparkly dress I will absolutely be wearing.


Bethany & Kevin

Hilary Miele